Wiggles Daycare - Building Futures

We have been able to develop our own educational curriculum taking into consideration the different learning styles children have. Each thematic group of lessons includes different stategies and techniques to assess a child's understanding of the skills and concepts presented in each lesson.

Not only does our curriculum give children a complete preschool experience, but is also adaptable to different age groups. It will help your child develop and targets their cognitive, physical, social and emotional growth thru different activities (gross motor skill, fine motor skill, language development, manipulative and dramatic play, and music and movement among others). This is all achieved thru an environment of love, nurturing, creativity and happiness.

We have a variety of wonderful, fun and exciting activities for our children.

Music movement and Music instrument class
The children will have a variety of music, songs, and props to inspire movement & imagination.  It will help in the development of motor skills and stimulate brain development. In addition it helps children further develop social skills like working in groups, taking turns, listening & following directions.

Dance and Yoga 
They will have the ability to exercise themselves through stretching, aerobics, cultural dances such as Hip Hop, Bollywood, and African dance.  It will also increase their flexibility, range of motion, physical strength, stamina as well as help them connect more deeply with their inner self.

Cooking Class
Children will learn lifetime skills through basic math skills such as counting, weighing, measuring, tracking time, and social skills by working together and communicating in the kitchen. It will also promote healthy eating and inspire them to try new food.

Spanish Class
Introducing a second language can develop many advantages to each child. It can give them a chance at greater fluency, expand their mind and enrich their lives.  Aside from having great cognitive benefits it will promote them to achieve higher academically and enriches them culturally later in life.

Sign language
Also a great method of communication especially for the little ones. It provides children with the ability to express themselves before they learn to speak, which decreases frustration. In return it increases your child's vocabulary and language skills once they start speaking as well as their reading, spelling skills and IQ.

Computer Class
The child will benefit from hand eye coordination, School readiness and cognitive development increase self confidence and boosts problem solving skills. 

Daycare Schedule

8:00- 10am      Arrivals
8:30-9:00        Breakfast
                           nutritious organic meal for children who arrive early in the morning
9:00-9:40        Group Time
                           sign language or Spanish class, songs, finger plays, rhymes, & other learning games to coordinate with weekly theme

9:40-10:10      Arts & Crafts
                           craft or art project to coordinate with our weekly theme

10:10-10:45    Music/ Exercise/Creative Movement/Cooking Class
                          calendar of activity schedule will be posted up monthly 
10:45-11:45     Park or Community walk (weather permitting)
                           walking, jumping, running fun time outdoor
11:45-12:00     Fine Motor Skills
                           puzzles, pre-writing activities & other activities to focus on coordination and fine (small) muscles, also works on literacy, math & science

12:00-12:30    Lunch
                           healthy organic lunch includes a main course, 2 sides and a serving of fruit; meals are served with whole milk or 1% milk based on age
12:45-1:00       Bedtime Story

1:00-3:00         Nap
                           children lay on mats or in playpen to rest/nap; older children can look at books quietly during this time

3:00-3:30        Quiet Play
                           as children start waking up they can look at books or play quietly until the rest of the children wake up

3:30-4:00        Snack
                           nutritious & fun snack: sometimes coordinates with our weekly theme

4:00-5:45        Center free play
5:45-6:00       Clean up/Dismissal (Friday dismissal is @ 5:30)

*Regarding the computer sessions, every child will have their own schedule, posted up in the monthly calendar. Each child will be scheduled for 2 days per week either in the morning or afternoon.

*Infant needs are on demand for feeding, napping, diapering, and activities.

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